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Phenomenal self-help book | Bite Your Bullet: Call The Shots

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Bite Your Bullet is the journey of discovering and utilizing your true power within and ultimately connecting with the universal energy. True power is confidence. Lack of confidence and trust in your own abilities is what holds you back. Weakness in avoiding certain situations or events only keeps you trapped in your own prison. Being in denial of these may be unrecognizable but you don’t know your limits until you feel the freedom of doing what you want without over questioning yourself. The pioneers of history did not give up at the first hurdle. More importantly they did not feel shy about inventing. What makes you different from them? There is no limitation except your mind. This book will take you places in your mind you may not have even considered you would get involved with. If you want to develop the best version of yourself by trusting a higher power within you then this is the self-help book for mastering your own life. The action steps inside are valuable tools to spur you to action and is far from the idea of ‘all talk.’ Living authentically with an ambitious fire within is what this book can gift.

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Bite Your Bullet: Call The Shots is available to purchase through Amazon and Waterstones - order your copy today!

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