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Bite Your Bullet in London offers expert business consultancy

Business Meeting

Emotional intelligence awareness in your work place

In the past there was typically the authority figure in the work place that was always there to be feared as opposed to being revered. The modern day worker respects a leader. The definition of a leader has become much more demanding in terms of looking after the well being of each individual member. 

The best way to approach situations with difficult characters is to understand how your own self value can positively impact the rest of the team. Being in charge can be one of the greatest experiences within life which can inspire your team to emulate what they have seen from their leader.


The work we would do starts with your own journey and we’ll look to adapt it to how you can positively impact those around you.

Business consultancy

Analysing the foundations is how to dissect the strength of your business.  I have encountered and been part of many businesses that I am able to pass on my knowledge and eye for detail on improvement areas.  


Adding value to your business through analysing how the public perceive your business website, operationally how everything functions and general vibe within the team.

Operations and people are what will assist in building a strong foundation for the business.   

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Self organisation

This will cover your personal operations and how you are showing up for your employer or for the business you run/own. 

This programme is good for new starters too or new businesses for how we can plan your week and operational routines. 

Speak to our team for more details.

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