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Life coaching service from Bite Your Bullet available in person and online.

Support Group

Confidence building

What is it that you want to develop in this area? Is it confidence in yourself? How you perceive yourself or how you think others perceive you?

To feel your authentic self is the best gift you can give to the world.  

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Anger management & prevention

It is healthy to feel the range of our emotions. Bottling them up or trying to quiet them can have an adverse effect on our immune system and prevent us from feeling balanced and healthy, not just on the mental level but also within our body.


Anger management is needed when we feel triggered too easily and lash out. You may feel in certain situations you get angrier than in others.  Think of the person who drives and has road rage but at home can feel calm.  What is it that is triggering you?

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Relationships & dating confidence

One of the keys to happiness is the meaningful relationships we have with those close to us. This is not just about romantic relationships.  Relationships can cover family, friends, siblings, relatives or even how you are with strangers or work colleagues. Some people repel others due to unresolved issues within. These can range from past traumas or lack of self-belief. Sometimes this can be self-sabotage where you feel unworthy of feeling happy. Therefore, you may act in a way to destroy those relationships close to you without even realising.


If it is romantic relationships/dating you are looking to improve then this programme can assist with how you are approaching potential interests or how you are when in a relationship. In certain situations, it comes down to inexperience of being in a relationship.

This programme can assist you in recognising healthy behaviours to prevent you from de-valuing yourself by getting into unhealthy relationships or being unhealthy yourself towards your partner.

Research suggests feeling lonely is the equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes per day and potentially dying premature. Don’t allow yourself to feel overburdened with a perceived fear of being alone.

Trauma management

There are moments in life where we may experience trauma. Ranging from being part of dangerous situations or experiencing loss of some sort.  The trauma state feels like a freeze in time of the shock moment. It is difficult and not a smooth ride for people experiencing this state. The feeling of being stuck and replaying a scenario in your head is somewhere you don’t want to remain. The people I have seen break free from traumas have described it as liberating and feel a sense of power to move forward.

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Stress management

Stress is something we all deal with. There are also healthy levels of stress we place on ourselves which motivate us to fulfil a task or an activity.
Stress can get a hold of us in unhealthy ways too. Stress management is something I wish they taught in schools. Stress leads to a variety of issues. These can range from unintentionally hurting those close to us to more serious health complications to the body. Stress where you feel on edge and anxious to where your breathing becomes rapid distracts people from living a peaceful life. Living in peace and feeling centred allows us to enjoy day to day life.

Achieving goals

This area is for those who are looking to challenge themselves and need guidance on how to achieve their goals.

The step by step break down of creating an action plan and brainstorming how to achieve these goals is always the starting point and from there on we can build on sustaining the motivation.

When there is no one to encourage you, it can feel daunting and very easy to give up. This doesn’t have to be the case. You can succeed and empower yourself.

Just as famous inventors of the past achieved breakthroughs that changed our world you are no different from them in the sense you can achieve.  One failure is not the end. More common than not is the multiple failures that lead to the success.

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